Portobello Sliders

I love portobello mushrooms because they are meaty, filling, and go well with everything. When you’re in the mood for a light lunch fresh from the grill, try these portobello sliders. The texture of the mushrooms give you something to bite down on and the tomatoes and cheese add garden-fresh taste.


  • IMG_20150712_173401075Baby portobello mushrooms
  • Swiss cheese, sliced to the size of the mushrooms
  • Tomatoes, sliced
  • Red onion, sliced


  • Layer one section of each of the ingredients on a skewer
  • You can usually fit at least two sliders’ worth on a single skewer
  • Grill over medium heat until the onions and tomatoes soften and the cheese melts
  • Slide onto a crescent roll or bun
  • Add whatever condiments you’d like
  • Enjoy!


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